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Threat LevelLow threat
DistributionNot widespread
Common name:AntiCMOS.Boot
Technical name:Anticmos Boot
Threat level:Medium
Effects: It prevents computers from starting up correctly.

Affected platforms:


First detected on:Nov. 22, 1994
Detection updated on:July 10, 2008
Country of origin:SPAIN

Brief Description

AntiCMOS.Boot is a boot virus that infects the boot sector of floppy and hard disks.

The hard disk is infected when the computer is booted from an infected floppy disk. From then on, all the floppy disks used on the system will be infected and the computer will have problems starting up.

AntiCMOS.Boot is programmed to delete the information on the CMOS and the configuration of the hard disk, however due to internal programming errors it never carries out these actions. For this reason, it is not considered a dangerous virus.

Visible Symptoms

The main indication that AntiCMOS.Boot has infected a computer is that it has problems starting up.