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Panda Dome Premium brings together Panda's best protection, privacy and performance features into a single solution.

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$ 83.99

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The best antivirus protection

Dome Premium protects your privacy and speeds up the performance of your device in one single solution. This high-end, cross-platform antivirus product allows you to enjoy all your devices with complete peace of mind.

It's the ideal solution for all of your family's devices:

Update Manager


To keep your devices optimally protected, their software must be up to date.


Panda Dome Premium includes an update manager that detects out-of-date and end-of-life (EOL) third-party applications and automatically applies the corresponding updates as well as the patches published by Microsoft for all its products (operating systems, databases, Office suite, etc.).


The Panda Dome Premium Update Manager keeps your device’s operating system and programs always up to date.


Scan your computer for vulnerabilities and automatically download all patches required to update vulnerable programs.

Premium VPN


Panda Dome Premium includes a Premium VPN to ensure maximum privacy on your computers and mobile devices. What are the benefits of using Panda Security Premium VPN?


  • Enjoy secure Wi-Fi connections, even on public networks.
  • Browse anonymously, protecting your privacy without data limits.
  • Unblock all Internet content, bypassing geographic restrictions.
  • Hide your IP address from prying eyes.
  • Access your favorite content regardless of where you are. All you have to do is change your virtual location. There are up to 22 different locations for you to choose from!

Access all Internet content without limits or borders. Browse safely, privately, and anonymously wherever you are.

Premium support


Don’t let computer security drive you crazy! With Panda Dome Premium, you'll have a technician always on hand to solve all the IT problems in your home (from routers, to printers, consoles, or mobile devices).

  • Virus and spyware removal
  • Antivirus installation and setup
  • Home Wi-Fi network setup
  • Social media privacy setup
  • Smartphone and tablet setup
  • PC, Mac, smartphone, and tablet optimization and tuneup
  • Web browser and email account security setup
  • Troubleshooting of operating system, application, and software problems
  • Assistance with peripherals: cameras, printers, scanners, etc.
Parental controls


Panda Dome Premium enables you to monitor your chidren’s online activity and prevent access to inappropriate web content. Additionally, it helps you locate your devices in the event of theft or loss.


Create filters for different types or users (standard or restricted) so that your children can access only the types of pages you define. When they log in to their accounts, Panda Dome Premium applies the corresponding filter that allows or denies access to certain pages.

With Panda Dome Premium parental control, you can:

  • Block pages with inappropriate content.
  • Monitor your children’s Internet usage.
  • Locate your loved ones’ devices in the event of theft or loss.
  • Remotely wipe personal data if you need to.
Data protection


With Panda Dome Premium provides maximum privacy protection.


Panda Dome Premium data protection provides an additional layer of security against malware or ransomware that tries to access your most sensitive data. Our security suite encrypts your personal information and enables you to define the data you want to protect and the apps that should have permission to access it.


Additionally, if you are worried that your email accounts or passwords might have been exposed in a data breach, you can use Panda Dark Web Scanner and Panda Dark Web Monitoring. With Dark Web Monitoring, you can check the security of and create alerts for up to 5 different accounts!


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