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Panda Dome Family

Internet security and protection for your family

Panda Dome Family is so much more than parental control!

Protecting your kids from the dangers of the Internet is increasingly difficult. Access to inappropriate content is not the only threat you need to worry about, mobile device addiction problems and unauthorized online purchases by children are also increasingly common. Don't worry, we have the solution!

First month free! Save 25%

With the Panda Dome Family parental control, you get:

Real-time GPS tracking

Track the location of children or elders under your care. We'll let you know immediately if they enter or leave a predefined safe area.

Tracking of lost/stolen smartphones

Find your lost or stolen device. Get alerts and remotely lock your stolen device.

Mobile device and app control

Block and/or set time limits on the apps and mobile devices used by people under your care.

Panic button for emergency situations

If your loved ones are in danger, they can press a panic button to alert you and provide you with their location.

  • Real-time tracking
  • Usage limits on mobile devices and apps
  • Device tracking in the case of loss or theft
  • Access to app usage reports
  • Geolocation alerts
  • Panic button for emergency situations
  • App and game blocking
  • Location history access
  • Remote wipe of personal data

With Panda Family, stop worrying about these things:

Did my child arrive home safely?

Find out immediately where your kids are thanks to the real-time GPS tracking feature. Panda Dome Family lets you configure 'safe areas' and will alert you every time your children enter or leave one of those places. This feature is also extremely useful if you have elderly people requiring monitoring under your care.

My kids spend too much time on their phones, how can I stop that?

With Panda Dome Family, you'll be able to block apps or limit their usage, as well as restricting device usage to prevent addictions. Plus, you'll be able to limit Internet access to specific hours.

Are my children exposed to inappropriate content?

The Panda Dome Family parental control lets you view a history of all the apps and social media sites used by your kids (WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.), see how much time they spend online, and limit usage time.

What can I do if my phone is stolen or lost?

Panda Dome Family helps you locate your lost or stolen mobile devices. Additionally, it lets you remotely wipe all personal data to protect your and your loved ones' privacy.