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How do the Privacy Control and Private Mode work in Panda Remote Control?

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Panda Remote Control's privacy control defines how a computer can be accessed remotely.

There are two main options: Allow or not the computer user to set the privacy level and the Private mode.

Administrator mode: The administrator does not allow computer users to set the privacy level of their computers

Remote Desktop

Administrators can choose among three options when defining the privacy level to apply when accessing a remote computer:

  • Always ask for permission: The remote user will be asked for permission every time an administrator wants to connect to their computer.
  • Just notify: The remote user will be informed every time their computer is being accessed.
  • Allow access without notification: The remote computer will be accessed and there won't be any notifications.

If the administrator modifies these settings in their Web console, the changes will be applied to the remote user's computer as soon as it connects to our servers.

Troubleshooting actions

In addition to the privacy settings affecting the Remote Desktop tool, administrators can configure the privacy levels to apply when taking troubleshooting actions to solve the problems found on users' computers. The available options are similar to those for the Remote Desktop feature: ask for permission before taking the action, notify the action only, and remote access without notification.

User mode: The administrator allows computer users to set the privacy level of their computers

In this case, it is the user who decides the privacy level to apply to allow or deny remote access to their computer. The steps the user must take are:

  1. Right-click the protection icon (located in the lower right hand corner of the screen, next to the system clock). A start menu will be displayed.
  2. Select Remote Control.
  3. Select the configuration option to apply to the Remote Desktop tool and the troubleshooting actions.
In any case, an Administrator can change this configuration if necessary, except on machines in which private mode has been activated.

Private mode

By activating the private mode on a computer, it is guaranteed that permission will always be requested to access it.
Unlike with the option Allow the user to set the privacy level, an Administrator can not change the privacy settings from the Web console. Only remote access settings to a computer can be modified locally.

It is therefore necessary to take into account that activating this mode in a computer, will prevent remote access to it without access to it, either to allow the requested remote control action or to deactivate said private mode.

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