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4 Essential Tips to Prevent Virus Infections

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Online security and the protection of your computer are our main goals but these are also a matter you should take seriously to avoid unwanted infections. That is why we insist you follow a few essential steps we cannot do for you and which will prevent your computer from getting infected.

Seriously, it´s up to you that you never get infected again. Furthermore, we can ensure that your computer will not get easily infected.

Keep Java, Adobe Flash and Acrobat Reader updated at all times, or uninstall them if you do not use them!

Why? Nowadays viruses and malware bypass antivirus programs and infect PCs through outdated programs you have installed on your PC.

Learn How

If you don´t need these programs, uninstall them from your computer.

If you cannot do without these applications, make sure they are always updated. There are specific programs which can do this for you, for example:

Always be cautious with the programs you install or run

Why? Virus authors make money infecting PCs and they can disguise behind programs or applications you think are not dangerous to open or to run. BEWARE!

Learn How: Use your common sense!

Never open emails from unknown senders. Beware of messages with eye-catching subjects; they are more likely to contain viruses.

The most typical ones are notices of a package from UPS, DHL or other courier company, PayPal transfers or errors in the sending of emails. If you receive any of these emails, beware! Do not open any of the attachments, unless you are absolutely sure it´s something you´ve requested.

Think twice before downloading and using commercial software or software cracks from BitTorrent, download sites, eMule, etc. Many of these programs are really malware or infected. Even some of the video files that can be downloaded through these channels are viruses that pose as films, books or music files.

Avoid visiting unsafe websites. Secure websites begin with ?https://? and the lock icon is displayed on the browser.

Use strong passwords and have different passwords for the different online services you use.

NEVER provide confidential data by email. Think that your bank, for example, would never ask you to send them your account or personal details via email. So, if unsure, ring the official bank telephone number, never the one provided on the email, and ask them.

Always Keep your Windows OS Updated

Why? Malware and viruses exploit security vulnerabilities present in outdated Windows OS. Having the latest security patches and Service Packs installed prevent viruses from doing so.

Learn How: Microsoft provides specific instructions to enable automatic OS updates. Check how to turn automatic updating on or off.

Use an effective antivirus and keep it updated at all times

Why? Because you need to protect yourself, your family and your business from known and unknown viruses and other threats that can disrupt your everyday life and the productivity of your enterprise.

Learn How: Get Panda Gold Protection, our most innovative antivirus and benefit from the maximum protection for every device in your house or in your business (PC, Mac, Android smartphone and tablet). Panda Gold Protection fights against online fraud and identity theft, while shopping or banking online. It protects you from harmful websites and malicious software while surfing the Internet or using social networking sites.

Get Panda Gold Protection

Keep a backup of your files

Why? Because backing up your computer data allows you to restore them in the case of a data loss event.

Learn How: Make sure you have a backup program installed on your computer. Some of our security solutions include this functionality. Please check the image below to find out which:


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