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Installation and upgrade scenarios where a restart is required

Information applies to:

Adaptive Defense 360
Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection Plus

Installing or upgrading Endpoint Protection will require sometimes that you restart your computer. These are the possible scenarios:

Simple installation

Installing PCOP on a computer where there is no other Panda antivirus installed does not usually require any restart.

Note: If there is another Panda antivirus installed, the PCOP installer will run an additional restart of the computer to uninstall it before installing the PCOP protection. However, this is not so with antivirus programs other than Panda; the restart needed to uninstall these programs will be postponed until the computer is restarted by the user, as no additional restart will be needed to uninstall them. Read list of programs PCOP uninstalls automatically.

Installation sequence

  1. Install the agent.
  2. The agent detects that it is necessary to install the protection and looks for the appropriate version in the catalog.
  3. The agent downloads and runs the installer.
  4. When installation is complete, if a restart is required, the following message is displayed:

Protection engine upgrade

  • Upgrade from version 6.0.

    When upgrading the protection from version 6.X to a later version, you will only need to restart your computer once.

    The installation sequence will be as follows (unless you have selected a time interval for carrying out the upgrade*):
    • On Home and Starter systems:

      1. You are prompted to restart your computer before launching the upgrade.
        • If you select Yes, the upgrade is launched and the computer restarts after the upgrade. It is important to wait for the process to conclude, without user intervention.
        • If you select No, the upgrade is not launched.

          In this case, the upgrade will be pending and will automatically be launched immediately after you restart your computer. Please take into consideration that after the upgrade process is completed, the computer will automatically restart again.

    • On other systems:

      1. The upgrade is scheduled to take place during system shutdown. No messages will be displayed for restarting the system, unless no restarts have been performed in the last 15 days since the update task was scheduled.
      2. You are asked whether you want to restart the computer:

        • If you select Yes, the version is upgraded and the computer restarts.
        • If you select No, the previous version is kept. The version will be upgraded the next time you shut down the computer.
  • Upgrade from a previous version to version 6.0 (migration).

    Version 6.0 is a totally new version of PCOP and, therefore, the process to upgrade the protection from another version to this one is different.
    The upgrade process has two phases: first, uninstallation of the previous protection, then, installation of the new version. This usually takes two restarts.
    After the upgrade process has begun, a message will be displayed asking if you want to restart the computer or not (unless you have selected a time interval for carrying out the upgrade*).

    • If you choose the option to restart the computer:

      1. The first restart is used to uninstall the old protection. A message is displayed indicating that the protection is being uninstalled.
      2. The computer restarts after a while.
      3. Once the computer has restarted, a new message will be displayed indicating that the computer will restart again to finish installing the new version. This restart is automatic, users cannot stop the computer from restarting.
    • If you choose not to restart the computer:

      1. The action is postponed until the next restart.
      2. The next time the computer restarts, the installation screen is displayed and the old protection is uninstalled.
      3. After the uninstallation process is complete, the computer will restart automatically. Users cannot stop the computer from restarting.
      4. When the computer is restarted, the installation screen will be displayed again.
      5. The new protection is installed and the computer restarts automatically.

* Upgrade within a particular time interval

If the user has selected a time interval for updating the protection engine, the upgrade process will take place as in the previous case, except for the following changes:

  • The upgrade takes place randomly within the specified time interval.
  • The computer will restart automatically. There is no message asking users whether they want to restart the computer or not.
  • If the option to restart automatically is selected, a window will be displayed to the user indicating the remaining time for the restart. In this case, the user can select the option:
    • Reboot now
    • Reboot later
  • If the option to restart later is selected, after 4 hours, a window will be displayed indicating the remaining time for reboot (in this case it will not be possible to postpone the restart again).

The installation screen is only displayed when needed and there will be a countdown screen before the computer is automatically restarted.

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