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How can I install Panda AdminSecure from the file downloaded from the website?

Information applies to:

Panda for DesktopsPanda for DominoPanda for Exchange
Panda for File Servers (Windows)Panda for ISA

Installing your corporate antivirus solution consists of three basic steps:

Panda AdminSecure is the centralized administration tool for all the different types of antivirus protection installed across the network: for workstations, files servers, mail servers, Web servers, etc.

Steps for installing Panda AdminSecure

  1. Decide which computer you are going to use to administer the antivirus protection. Bear in mind that the computer must run under NT technology.

    Read more information about the minimum hardware and software requirements.
  2. After selecting the computer on which you are going to install Panda AdminSecure, double-click the file you have downloaded from our website.

    The process of installing Panda AdminSecure and the rest of the administration tools begins.
  3. Select the language for the installation guide from those available in the menu and click OK to continue.
  4. The welcome screen appears. Click Next to continue.
  5. Then the license agreement is displayed. Read it carefully and click Yes to accept the terms and conditions.

    If you do not accept the license agreement, installation will finish.
  6. Enter your user name and password provided by Panda. Click Next to continue.

    If you have forgotten your details, access the Password Reminder site.

    If you have not yet received these details, you can continue with the installation process. However, remember that you will need them to access the updates and other services.
  7. Select either Typical Simple or Customized installation, and click Next.

    In a Customized installation of Panda AdminSecure, you can configure different aspects of the databases.

    When there is already an SQL Server 7 installed on the computer, you can only perform a customized installation by selecting this SQL Server 7. This is due to an incompatibility problem between SQL Server 7 and the MSDE 2000 SP3 incorporated in Panda AdminSecure.
  8. You will be prompted to enable the automatic updates. This will allow you to download the Virus Signature File every day without user intervention. You can also configure the Internet access through a proxy server, if necessary.
  9. Select the folder where we want to install Panda AdminSecure. Click Next to install it in the default directory.

    If you want to change the default installation directory, click Browse..., select the folder you want and click Next.
  10. The program components will be installed. This process may take several minutes. It is recommendable to keep other programs closed, so that they do not interfere with the configuration or slow down the process.
  11. Finally, a window with the results of the installation process is displayed.

    Remember that you need to restart the computer in order to complete installation.

Distributing the communications agent

Until the communications agent has been installed in the computers across the network, only the computer with Panda AdminSecure installed will be visible in the console. Read more about AdminSecure Communications Agent and how is it distributed.

Installing the antivirus protection

After installing the communications agents, the computers will be displayed in the Panda AdminSecure console, and then you will be able to install the corresponding antivirus protection on them.

Additional information

Read more information about how to download the AdminSecure installation file from the website.

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