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How can I upgrade to the latest version of Panda GateDefender Performa?

Information applies to:

Panda GateDefender Performa

WARNING: Panda GateDefender Performa 4.00.50 is compatible with all Panda GateDefender Performa models except for Supermicro and Portwell 8050.


Upgrade of GateDefender units to 4.00.50 version is run through the restore process that requires complete software installation. This involves the loss of the settings configured in the appliance.

Therefore, in order to avoid losing the settings, export them and import them later on when the restore process has ended.

Read improvements in Panda GateDefender Performa 4.00.50 version.


How to upgrade you Panda GateDefender Performa to the latest version (4.00.50)

  1. Export Panda GateDefender Settings

    Follow the steps below to export the Panda GateDefender settings:

    1. Access the administration console.
    2. In the System settings section, select Export / Import Settings.
    3. Click Export to create a file and save it in your computer
  2. Identify the installation method 

    There are three installation methods to consider in the following order:
    • CD for all appliances with a CD/DVD drive.
    • USB device only for appliances without a CD/DVD drive but with USB connectors.
    • Remote PC only for models without USB connectors or CD/DVD drives.
  3. Download the corresponding Master from the Client Downloads area

    1. Go to the Client Downloads area of the website.
    2. Enter your user credentials provided by Panda Security.
      If you do not have this data, contact the Customer Services department at Panda Security or use the Password Reminder.
    3. At the bottom of the screen, the section DOWNLOADS AVAILABLE FOR Panda GateDefender Performa of the Software folder lists the versions available for GateDefender Performa:
      • For CD/DVD, download
      • For USB, download, and
      • For remote PC, download
  4. Install the downloaded version

    • Install via CD

      1. Extract the file.
      2. Open the resulting file in your CD burning application and burn it to a blank CD.
      3. Insert the CD in the CD/DVD drive in GateDefender Performa.

        : Never insert a CD/DVD generated from the file in a PC or laptop since all data could be lost.
      4. Restart the GateDefender Performa appliance.
      5. Wait until the CD is ejected from the drive.
    • Install via USB

      1. Generate a USB device with the appropriate Master:
        1. Insert a USB device with at least 512 MB free space on a PC.
        2. Extract the file.
        3. Extract the file. You will then have two files: initrd.gz and vmlinuz 
        4. Run unetbootin471_windows.exe
        5. Select Custom. Enter the vmlinuz file in the Kernel field, and initrd.gz in the Initrd field.
        6. In Drive, specify the letter assigned to the USB drive and click OK.
        7. Extract and copy it to the USB device.
      2. Connect the USB to GateDefender Performa.
      3. Connect a keyboard and monitor to GateDefender Performa.
      4. Restart GateDefender Performa and make sure the USB drive starts up. If it doesn't, press F2 in the BIOS screen.
        The procedure shown below is for reference only; the BIOS of your GateDefender model may vary slightly.

        1. Check the boot sequence. To do this, look at the Boot Device Priority in the Boot menu.
        2. Select the USB device as the 1st Boot Device.
        3. Save the changes and click Close.
          NOTE: In some models the USB device will be detected as a hard disk.
      5. You will see a screen where you can choose between installing the Master on the USB device or on the hard disk of the appliance. Select the hard disk.
      6. The Master will install on GateDefender Performa. When it is finished, remove the USB device and click Continue.
    • Install via Remote PC

      1. Extract the file.
      2. Open the resulting file in your DVD burning application and burn it to a blank DVD.
      3. Insert the DVD in the PC DVD drive.
      4. Connect the PC by Ethernet (network) cable to a socket labeled RES in GateDefender Performa.
      5. Restart the PC and wait for the DVD to start up.
        If the PC BIOS boots directly from the hard disk, you will have to configure it so that the first boot device is the DVD. After startup, the following screen is displayed:
      6. Once the complete restoration environment is loaded, the following screen will appear on the PC.

      7. Start up the GateDefender Performa unit connected by the network cable to the PC.
      8. When the Start restore button is lit up (in blue), click it. The process of copying the Master will start and information about the installation process will appear on screen.

      9. Finally, you will see an end of installation message. Remove the DVD from the PC to complete the process.
  5. Import the GateDefender  settings

    Follow the steps below to recover the previously exported settings:

    1. Go to the administration console.
    2. In Tools menu, select Export / Import Settings.
    3. Click Browse, and select the previously exported configuration file.
    4. Finally, click Import.

      Note: On importing settings of appliance units, remember they must include a unique IP and computer name, if not network conflicts can occur. The values must be modified to prevent this situation.
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