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Systems Management release notes

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Systems Management

Find below a summary of the updates uploaded to the production servers by release date:

Changes applied on 2014-04-08

Changes applied on 2013-12-10

  • New features
  • Fixed issues
    • PCSM does not execute remote PowerShell scripts correctly; paths such as "Documents and settings" were not handled correctly.
    • New Licensing Software packages cannot be created.
    • When missing patches are exported to csv, there is no data in it, only headers.
    • System filter isn't showing devices it should show.
    • Error sending some specific errors.

Changes applied on 2013-10-06

  • New features
    • Network Device Discovery: Further information about your supported Network environment is now available through the PCSM Network Device Discovery feature. All network devices on your LAN will now be found and recorded in each Profile. This information is then available as a CSV export report. The list of all other network devices discovered on it's local area network will be listed under Discovered Devices in the PCSM console. We will automatically discover devices with an IP address on the LAN and which are not presently being managed, so we can deploy the PCSM agent on them.
    • Agent Updates. You can now control the release of the PCSM Agent updates to your devices via the PCSM console. Individual Profiles can be set to receive the update before you release the agent to all Profiles. The agent updates can be configured in Account -> Settings. Disabling automatic updates allows users to delay the roll-out of new Agents to their devices for up to 2 weeks, and selectively roll out the update to individual Profiles.
    • NLA support: New supported feature for Agent Browser RDP connections. Network Level Authentication (NLA) is a technology used in Remote Desktop Services (RDP Server) or Remote Desktop Connection (RDP Client) that requires the connecting user to authenticate themselves before a session is established with the server.
    • New connectors enabled: AutoTask and ConnectWise; connectors for applications of Software automation.
  • Changes
    • When we delete an account, all the agents of the account will be uninstalled automatically losing all settings:
      • Commercial accounts are deleted 90 days after expiring all the licenses.
      • Trial accounts are deleted 30 days after the trial expiration date.
  • Fixed issues
    • Patch Management: Application of Update KB976932 - Windows 7 Service Pack 1- on computers fails.
    • Error adding an additional email address to a previously created Scheduled job.
    • Error when clicking on any application shown in the ComStore. Only reproduced when the language of the console is French.
    • When listing computers using the links on the Summary tab, an error is displayed indicating that no computers have been selected to launch Scheduled Jobs or Audits on the list of computers displayed.
    • When sorting by Hostname column, computers are listed disorderly if devices are off.

Changes applied on 2013-06-24

  • Monitoring & Audit re-factor
    • Monitoring

      The real-time monitoring functionality has had an extensive overhaul to be easier to configure for new users and more powerful for our experienced customer base. Default performance monitoring will provide a fast feedback on devices that are potentially underperforming or likely to cause problems in the near future. Key features and improvements include:
      • Step by step monitor creation
      • Enhanced Event Log monitoring
      • Raise alerts on installation, uninstallation or version changes of key software
      • Kill dangerous or unwanted processes automatically
      • Monitor files, file types or folder sizes
      • Windows Security Center monitoring draws attention to vulnerabilities in Anti-Virus, Anti-spyware and Firewall protection
    • Performance Audit
      • CPU, Memory, Disk Usage and device uptime are now captured with daily averages and displayed in a graphical format. This allows an administrator to gain long term visibility of devices performance over time.
  • Branding tab

    From this new tab the administrator is allowed to customize his own images/ icons.
  • Manageability
    • Roles & Permissions
      • Increased granularity in the Users and Roles permissions
      • Profile permissions now held within roles.
      • Permissions Control over all areas of the PCSM and the Agent Browser
      • Users will now be able to switch between Roles.
    • Profile Groups
      • It is now possible to group a selection of Profiles into groups for targeting jobs, policies and for reporting.
      • System Profile Groups are available at the default Profiles List page and as target options within policy setup.
    • Reset password / forgotten password from Agent Browser
      • The Agent Browser now has a direct link “Forgotten your password?” on the user login screen. This links directly to the PCSM to allow a user to be sent a fresh password via email.
      • Users can now also reset their password once logged into the Agent Browser –this can be found in the first drop-down menu.
    • Device Activity Log

      The following Agent Browser actions added to the Device activity logging:
      • Restart/Shutdown
      • LAN Deploy
      • File Transfer
      • Registry Editor
      • Event Log Viewer
      • Chat Session
      • Wake Up
  • Wake-Up Devices - Agent Browser Feature

    The PCSM Agent Browser now has a “Wake Up” feature which allows to bring devices online in order perform Remote Support tasks.
    It is available in the Agent Browser tools and will enumerate a list of devices in that Profile that are currently offline. By selecting the devices and clicking the “Wake Up” button, a Wake Up signal is sent to each device.
  • End User Ticketing
    • Ability for End-point users to raise tickets directly from the Agent Browser.
    • PCSM administratos can now create tickets in the PCSM application.
  • Action Bar on the Profile Summary Page

    The Action Bar has now been added to the Profile Summary Page. Add some key devices to your Favorites list and you will be able to Audit, Deploy, and Report etc. from the Summary page.
  • Mac OSX Agent Enhancement

    Monitoring support for CPU and Memory

Changes applied on 2013-02-25

  • Active Jobs status refresher button
  • Domain field made sortable in device list
  • Users can see all devices in a policy
  • Inform user if he is restricted publishing an agent
  • If role restricted user access MyAccount tab, he got restriction alert instead of navigating to available subpage of MyAccount
  • WMI criteria is removed from Filter list
  • Connect To Device option added to inline remote takeover options on the device list page

Changes applied on 2013-01-24

  • New features

    • New user summary reports available by date: in the last 7 days and in the last 30 days
    • Confirmation popup for Quick Patch
    • Created new report type: Inventory Age report
    • Made email messages regarding to account usage
    • Added device usage to the Audit tab in PCSM: managed and unmanaged devices.
  • Improvements

    • Use SQL escape characters to be used when importing profile variables
    • Made PCSM Agent to use 443 port by default
    • Added additional Default Filter for Windows 8 and Server 2012
    • Added Last Login to the account management page
    • Made PCSM Agent to do full audit when requested by PCSM
    • Patch management improvements

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