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What is the Activation Code and where can I find it ?

Information applies to:

All products

Activating the product services is essential to enjoy all the features offered by your security solution. These services include: tech support, updates via the Internet, 24h SOS Virus….

When you activate the services, you will receive:

  • A customer number to identify you as a registered Panda user. This number will help us rapidly find your details in our database whenever you contact us.
  • User name and password: these details will allow you to configure your security solution to update automatically every day. The user name and password will also allow you to access the exclusive downloads for clients area, whenever necessary, without needing to activate the services again.

Who must activate the services online?

It depends on the type of product purchased:

  • Boxed Panda product.
    • If you have bought a boxed Panda product in a store, you must activate the services.
    • If you have bought it directly from Panda’s sales department, you won’t need to activate the product as the product is automatically activated during the purchase process.
  • Full product via electronic download.
    • If you have bought the product through Panda's website you don’t need to activate it, as this is automatically done during the purchase process.
    • If you have a subscription version (obtained through another provider) you don’t need to activate the services, as your user details will be automatically sent to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
    • If you have bought the product from a website other than Panda’s, you must activate it.
  • Pre-installed Panda product.

Some computers come with pre-installed versions of Panda’s products.

  • If a CD is provided, you must activate the product.
  • If an installation CD is not provided, you must activate the product through the option included in the software.
  • Evaluation or trial version.

To enjoy the daily updates and other services free for one month, you must activate the product after installing it. Double-click the shortcut generated on the desktop and follow the steps.

Steps to activate the services online

  1. Go to Service Activation in the Support section of Panda's website.
  2. Follow the instructions displayed during the activation process. Keep in mind the following points:
    • The data required varies depending on whether you have previously activated another Panda product. Select the corresponding option.
    • The registration details are not the same for a home user as for businesses. Specify if you have purchased the product for business or personal use.
    • The most important data for activating the product is your Activation Code. Enter the full code, without any blank spaces.
    • We advise you to print the page displayed after activating the services, and keep it should you need it in the future. This page indicates the product services and the expiry date. It also includes your customer number, user name and password, which will be required for accessing any of the services included with your product.

Where is the Activation Code?

The position of the Activation Code depends on the type of product and how it was purchased.

Below is a description of the different possibilities:

  • Panda boxed product.

    You can find the Activation Code in the bottom right of the Activation Card included in the box or on the sticker that is pasted inside the box.

    Remember that if you have bought the product directly through the sales department at Panda you do not need to register, as you will be automatically registered when you purchase the products.

  • Renewal box for a Panda product.

    If you have purchased a renewal box, you need to renew the services.
    To do this, go to renewals and follow the steps displayed on screen.

    Remember that you do not need to register when renewing the services, unless you purchase a renewal box.

  • Electronic download.

    If you have purchased the product through Panda's website or if you have a subscription version, you do not need to register, as you will be automatically registered and your user details will be sent to you to the email address you have provided us.

    If you bought the product through another web page, you should register the product following the instructions sent to you by email.

  • Pre-installed versions of Panda products.

    Some computers have Panda products pre-installed. The registration process varies depending on whether the pre-installed version includes a product CD or not:

    • If it includes a CD, you must register using the Activation Code that is included on the envelope of the CD.
    • If it does not include an installation CD, you must register through the program.
      You do not need the Activation code to register in this way.

      In order to register, click the Windows Start button and select Programs, then Panda Antivirus and finally Online Registration.

Installing the product on several computers

When you buy a multi-license product you can install it on as many computers as licenses you have purchased. For more information about this process, click here.

Configuring the updates

Once activation is complete, you will receive an email from Panda informing you that your user details are active. From then on you can access the updates via the Internet and the rest of services. Click here for more information about how to configure updates.

Additional information

Remember that, if you have activated your product and your services are still active, you DON’T need to activate them again should you have to reinstall the product. If you have lost or forgotten your user details, go to the Client Details section on our website.
If you are a registered customer and have bought another product, you must activate it by following the instructions described in this FAQ, depending on the type of product you have purchased.
If, after you have activated the product you want to change the email address at which you receive communications from Panda, go to Change email address.
If you have any questions, contact our Customer Service department.

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