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Error 0006:0907 when trying to activate the 2009 antivirus products

Information applies to:

Panda Global Protection 2009
Panda Antivirus Pro 2009
Panda Internet Security 2009

Operating systems
Windows Vista (32-bit Edition)Windows XP (32-bit Edition)
Windows Vista (64-bit Edition) Windows XP (64-bit Edition)

Below are the instructions to identify and solve the incident.


This error is returned when activating the product:

  • Error code 0907

To prevent this error in activations after the initial activation, follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter the activation code and email address in the activation Wizard. Push Try again.
  2. In the next screen, when asked if they are a Panda Security client, they should reply “Yes”, as indicated below.

  3. Finally, enter a customer numbrer indicate in Welcome email.

This will ensure the product is correctly activated in the second computer.

Help nº- 20100930 80033 EN

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