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Error 0006:0906 when trying to activate my Panda Internet Security 2012

Information applies to:

Panda Internet Security 2012

Operating systems
Windows XP (32-bit Edition)Windows Vista (32/64-bit Edition)
Windows 7 (32/64-bit Edition)


Error code 0006:0906 returned when activating Panda Internet Security 2012.


Error code 0006:0906 means that the limit of activations of your product has been exceeded.


Please contact providing your customer data for instructions on how to proceed.

Note: The exclusive Downloads area for clients section on Panda’s website includes the latest, complete version of your antivirus product and the corresponding documentation. Avoid installing demo versions by mistake. Check out the online FAQ how do I download the latest version of Panda Internet Security 2012.

Help nº- 20110823 60325 EN

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