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Remote uninstallation of Endpoint Protection

Information applies to:

Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection Plus

The remote uninstallation of Endpoint Protection lets you create an uninstallation job for selected computers from the Web administration console.

This job is not run immediately, but will be applied as the selected computers are updated. At that moment, the PCOP server will inform the agent on the computer that the protection and the agent itself are to be uninstalled.

The job can be forced to take place immediately by running an update from the bear icon in the taskbar of the computers concerned (Update Now). Otherwise, a maximum of 4 hours may elapse before the job is run.

How to create the remote uninstallation job

  1. Go to the Endpoint Protection administration console.
  2. Select the Installation tab.
  3. Click Uninstallation in the left-hand menu and select Remote uninstallation.
  4. Once you have reached this screen, you will see a list of uninstallation jobs, as well as the status of each job (waiting, started, finished,…).
  5. Select New uninstallation to create a new uninstallation job.
    Edit Uninstallation
  6. Enter a Name for the uninstallation job.
  7. Select the group to which the uninstallation will be applied.
  8. Specify if you want to keep items in quarantine or not. If you select this checkbox, quarantined items will be deleted.
  9. Select if you want to restart computers after uninstallation. In this case, the computers will be restarted automatically after uninstallation is complete.
  10. From the available computers, select those to which you want to apply uninstallation and click Add.
  11. Once you have selected the computers, click OK.

You have now created the uninstallation job and this will be applied as the computers are updated.

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