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How can I update the repository from the Internet?

Information applies to:

Panda for Desktops
Panda for File Servers (Windows)
Panda for Exchange
Panda for Domino
Panda for ISA

Panda AdminSecure updates are configured from the administration console. In order to automatically update the repository from the Internet, follow the steps bellow:

  1. Access the computer where Panda AdminSecure Console is installed.
  2. Open the console. In order to do this, click Start -> Programs -> Panda AdminSecure -> AdminSecure console.
  3. Once you have selected this option, the administration console will open.
  4. Make sure that the user name and password are correctly entered in Help, Enter user name.

    If you have forgotten your details, access the Password reminder site.
  5. Go to Tools and click Updates and repositories. In section Automatic package download, select From the Internet.
  6. If you access Internet via a proxy server, you will need to configure it clicking Access settings....

Please bear in mind that only the Virus Signature file can be updated from the Internet.

Help nº- 20140811 40028 EN

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