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How can I install Panda GateDefender Integra from the file downloaded from the website?

Information applies to:

Panda GateDefender Integra

Below are the steps to follow to install the Panda GateDefender Integra software from the file downloaded from the website.

Installation steps

  1. As the Panda GateDefender Integra appliances do not have a CD/DVD drive, you will need a computer where you can save the file downloaded from the website in DVD format. To install the software, insert the previously created DVD on a computer that will connect to the appliance.
  2. Access the computer where you have stored the file downloaded from the downloads area of the website.
  3. Create a DVD based on the ISO image extracted from the downloaded .zip file. To do this, insert a DVD in the recordable DVD drive. Click Open ISO image and select Burn.
  4. Access the computer through a connection with the appliance in order to apply the file.
  5. Make sure that boot from the CD/DVD drive is enabled in that computer.
  6. Insert the DVD you created in step 3 in the CD/DVD drive. Startup the computer and wait for the LiveDVD remote installation software to load. After the computer has started up, it will wait for a connection to be established with the appliance, showing the following message: Waiting for client connection...
  7. Then, connect the computer to the ethernet port labeled Res on Panda GateDefender Integra and switch on the appliance. When the computer detects the connection to Panda GateDefender Integra, the Start restore button will light up.
  8. Press Start restore. The server shows the status of the process. When the process ends, a warning is displayed.
  9. Click OK to restart the unit.

    NOTE: Applying LiveDVD will not affect the subsequent functioning of the computer in any way.
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