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What is a Node Score in Systems Management?

Information applies to:

Systems Management

Node Score is the agent ranking system for Connection Brokers.

Agents added to the PCSM will obtain a ranking to determine whether it is to be established as a Connection Broker (CB) and Device Discovery/SNMP polling node. The Node Score is calculated when a device runs an audit. An agent will only respond to a Connection Broker request if its Node Score is equal to or greater than the Node Score of the requesting agent.

This ensures the most robust device on the network will become the Connection Broker for the subnet; if two or more devices gain the same ranking score, a most suitable/stable determination is made as to which device should be chosen.

Agents are graded on a score of between 0 and 19, 0 being the least suitable and 19 the most suitable to be used as a Connection Broker.

The Node score is calculated from the following areas:

  • Network Connection Type
  • Operating System Type
  • Days since last System boot

The score will be generated through the following score process:

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