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How to configure a Disk Usage monitor in Systems Management

Information applies to:

Systems Management

The purpose of this monitor is to alert the administrator if a drive(s) has gone above or below a particular threshold (Windows only).

In the Trigger Details paragraph, the administrator can choose:

  • Any drive, number of drives, total drives of the system drive (partition with the Windows directory) or a specific drive letter.
  • Percentage level for the alert.
  • Monitoring based on GB used and GB free.

In the Alert Details paragraph, the administrator can:

  • Choose the period of time that this condition is met before an alert is triggered.
  • Select the chosen severity for this event.
  • Select the amount of time to wait for the condition set to no longer be met before it auto resolves itself.

Once this page is configured, the administrator can select Next and in the Response Details paragraph, choose to run a component in response to the alert being raised, and/or specify the email.

After pressing Next again, the administrator has the option to:

  • Have this alert create a support ticket.
  • Assign which user gets assigned the support ticket.
  • Indicate if users should have an email alert to notify them.

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