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What is a connection broker in Systems Management?

Information applies to:

Systems Management

The Systems Management agent polls the Systems Management control channel server every 90 seconds.

This means that, theoretically, all PCSM agents installed on the LAN should communicate with the server to report their status. However, if this were so, this performance would penalize the network traffic overloading it.

That is why, instead, if there is more than one Systems Management agent installed on a LAN, one of those agents will be automatically designated as a connection broker (CB) and the connection broker will deal with all the keep-alives, audits, etc from the other devices on the LAN.

This keeps the outbound/public traffic to a minimum.

If communicating via a connection broker, in the Systems Management agent log (log.txt) the following information is displayed:

CagMain Information: 0 : [date] [time] Received UDP response from CB

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