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What is access control in Systems Management?

Information applies to:

Systems Management

Access control is a security enhancement feature with in Systems Management (PSCM).

When enabled, only IP addresses that appear in the Restricted IP list will be able to log into this account on the PCSM.

Configuration steps

  1. Open the Administration console.
  2. Click on the My Account tab and select Settings.
  3. Locate Access Control and click Off in IP Address Restriction.
  4. This will expand the window to show the IP restrict list.
  5. Click the IP Restrict list or the Edit link to enable the restriction and enter the address(es) you wish to limit access from.

    Note: If you leave the Restricted IP list blank and click Update, PCSM will populate the field with your current public IP address. Please ensure that you enter Public/Internet facing IP addresses within the Restricted IP list.

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