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Panda Security is Technology

Technological innovation is a characteristic that sets our company apart from the rest. We have always reinvested a large part of our profits in the research and development of new products and technologies.

Thanks to our award-winning Collective Intelligence technology, millions of Panda Security users instantly share malware-related information, automatically improving protection across all connected computers. By leveraging community knowledge, our technology provides better, real-time protection with a minimal impact on your computer, leading to faster and more versatile products. Want real time protection with minimum impact on your PC? Join the Panda community and protect your online world!

What is Collective Intelligence

The Collective Intelligence approach has been piloted by millions of users of many Panda free products since 2007, allowing Panda to collect ten times as much malware samples as traditional antivirus vendors.

Panda Security is the first security vendor that has the technology, the infrastructure, the knowledge and the experience to apply the Collective Intelligence approach to its commercially available products. The new Panda 2015 Consumer products are based on Collective Intelligence; the benefits of this new product line can be summarized as follows: Maximum protection with minimum impact on your PC.

50% Improved performance
Collective intelligence dramatically reduces memory consumption and minimizes the impact on your PC.
Collective Intelligence =
Maximum Protection Inteligencia Colectiva = Maximum protection
A new threat is identified and in a matter of seconds all of Panda Security´s customers worldwide are protected. No matter where it appears: across the ocean or in a city nearby.

We’d like to invite you to read the next pages and find out more about Collective Intelligence, its fundamentals, a simple description of the way it works and the outstanding benefits for the Panda 2015 product users.

Malware Landscape

Current malware is invisible, silent and most importantly, financially motivated. Security has moved beyond protecting your computer to protecting your identity. Today it is not only about computer security, it is about identity protection.

Cyber-crime is migrating from amateurs to professionals working for organized crime rings. These criminal enterprises are so efficient and confident that they operate like legitimate businesses.

The number of malware variants is growing exponentially while the number of computers infected by each sample is decreasing. The gap between created and detected malware keeps increasing.

Malware collected per month

Malware collected per month -AV-

As a result, security solutions solely based on continuously updated signature files cannot keep up with malware growth. They are no longer sufficient to guarantee users’ security.

For detailed information, please read from traditional antivirus to collective intelligence, by Panda Research.

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Collective Intelligence Fundamentals

Collection of data from the community

The system centrally collects and stores behavioral patterns of programs, file traces, new malware samples, etc. This data comes from Panda users and from other organizations. This extensive capacity to collect information provides greater visibility and full traceability of new malware techniques and distribution points.

Automatic leverage of data

The system automatically analyzes and classifies the thousands of new samples received every day. To do this, an expert system correlates the data received from the user community with PandaLab’s extensive malware knowledge base. The system automatically returns verdicts (malware or goodware) on the new files received, thereby protecting users faster and better. Additionally, a constantly updated white list of over 10 million files prevents known ‘good’ files from being scanned, improving and speeding up the scanning process and minimizing the resource consumption of protected systems.

Making the knowledge and solution available

This knowledge is delivered to users as web services or through signature file updates and real-time queries to the cloud.


The Collective Intelligence approach allows detecting much more malware than the manual detection system that some laboratories use. Also, it can detect even threats not yet identified. Combining Collective Intelligence and TruPrevent technologies. Panda is capable to detect the most sophisticated malware.

The Collective Intelligence approach

Benefits of Collective Intelligence

Benefits of Collective Intelligence

Improved Detection

Every Panda client is a malware sensor, channeling information to the centralized Collective Intelligence knowledge base, where it can be shared by the community in real time.


No resource limitation. The scanning power used at the Collective Intelligence servers is only limited by hardware and bandwidth scaling.

Better resource consumption

With the automated malware remediation module most signatures do not need to be downloaded to each customer as they operate from the cloud.

Improved desinfection

Automated, short-lasting processing and classification.

Continuous improvement of protection tools.

The community feature of Collective Intelligence provides full visibility and traceability of the new malware techniques and distribution points.

Improved Detection

Panda Security’s Collective Intelligence platform includes a white-listing component that complements and improves black-list detection reducing false positives and scanning and processing times.

On-Demand test

AV-Comparatives March – June 2014

Summary - Protection Rate Results


Overall Protection Rate


Panda Security se certifica con la máxima puntuación

The complete report can be downloaded from http://www.av-comparatives.org/

These performance comparatives offer a guide to the impact of the protection from various vendors in real-time on PCs, laptops and servers.

The following graph shows the throughput rate of the various Anti-virus products when scanning with highest settings our whole set of clean files.

Av- Comparatives February 2010

Av- Comparatives August 2010


Av- Comparatives September 2010


Av- Comparatives April 2011


Av- Comparatives August 2011

The complete report can be downloaded from AV-Comparatives.org