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Issues during the installation of Panda 2014

Informationen gäller för:

Panda Internet Security 2014
Panda Antivirus Pro 2014
Panda Global Protection 2014


  • Error message during the installation of Panda 2014:

Installation issues with Panda Gold Protection

  • After completing the software's installation wizard, Panda 2014 will not install.
    Thus, although no error message is displayed during the process, the program is not available from Start, Programs, the shortcut is not created and no icon is shown next to the Windows clock.


These issues may occur with the new and lighter installation file featured in Panda 2014.


  1. Download the alternative installation file of your Panda 2014 product:

    PGP 2014

    Panda Global Protection 2014


    PIS 2014

    Panda Internet Security 2014


    PAV Pro 2014

    Panda Antivirus Pro 2014


  2. Double-click the Panda 2014 executable file you have previously downloaded for the installation to begin.
  3. Follow the wizard through until you complete the installation of the program.
  4. Once the product is installed, every time you open your Panda 2014 antivirus, the following window will request you to enter the Activation Code.
    So, just enter it in the text box and click Next.

    Installation issues with Panda 2014

  5. Once activated, click Finish to close the activation wizard.

    Installation issues with Panda 2014

  6. After activating the product, you will be asked to create your Panda Account.
    Enter your email address from the Account selection screen and click Continue to create your Panda Account.

    Installation issues with Panda 2014

  7. Verify your Panda Account from the activation email you will find in your inbox.
    Note that if you had at some point previously created an account, all you need to do is enter your password.

    Account already exists Panda 2014

  8. Open the email, and select Activate your account.

    Installation Gold Protection

  9. Finally, click Continue to finish the Panda 2014 installation process.

Panda 2014 verify account

That's it! You are all set to start using your Panda 2014 product.

For further details on Panda Account, refer to the Support article: What is my Panda Account and how do I set it up?

Having problems with the activation?

If the product is not succesfully activated during the installation process, you will be requested to activate it over and over again, for example, whenever you open the antivirus.

To manually activate Panda 2014, please refer to the Support article How can I activate my Panda 2014 product?

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