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Can I install my product licenses on several computers?

When you buy a multi-license product, you can install it on as many computers as licenses you have purchased.

This way, once you have activated the services included in your product and you have received the mail confirming the activation, all you need to do is install the program on additional computers.

  • If you have purchased a CD-ROM, insert it in the computer and install the product. You can also go to the exclusive downloads area for clients and download the product, as many times as you need.
  • If you have purchased an ESD version of the product, you can download the product again from the exclusive downloads area for clients or copy the .EXE file to a CD or USB memory stick and install it on a different computer.

Important: If your product belongs to the 2009 range or later, you must register it to access the personal downloads area. Find out how to register your product.

If you are installing a 2009 or later product on an additional computer, you have to activate it using the data received on the activation confirmation mail, received after the first activation.

Find out how to activate your product.

If you are installing a product prior to the 2009 range on a new computer for which you have activated the services, you don’t have to do it again since you are already a registered Panda client. Finally, use the user name and password provided to you in the welcome email to configure automatic updates.

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