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Why is Panda Cloud Internet Protection default action 'Allow'? 

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Panda Cloud Internet Protection


Panda Cloud Internet Protection default action is 'Allow'


The philosophy of Panda Cloud Internet Protection philosophy consists of never blocking access to the Internet or web resources unless you, the administrator, create explicit policies to do so. This is important to note because if you create a rule that allows a resource, say, access to web search sites during business hours, PCIP will not block access to those resources after the hours you specify.

Therefore, you may think that by creating an allow rule for some period of time, PCIP will deny access to the resource for the rest of the time. That is not the case. In order to create an allow rule for a specific period of time, you must also create at least one companion block rule covering the time period before and/or after the allowed time period.

An example of such rules looks like this:

  • Block web mail from 00:00 to 11:30
  • Allow web mail from 11:30 to 13:30
  • Block web mail from 13:30 to 00:00
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