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We simply treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. With a lot of care!  And it shows.

If you think we are exaggerating, see it for yourself. Come in and take a look.

Opinions of Panda Security customers info

Wayne Babb

"I don't think it could be better ! The best of many, many companies. Congratulations I will recommend Panda to everyone!"

Bijoutronique bvba

"I am happy with Panda and have been using panda many years (still got an old CD Panda Titanium !)"

Mary Tracy

"In the last two to three months I have had to call Panda Tech people to help me with problems. When I called in October I was fortunate enough to connect up with Stephanie Urena. What luck!!! Stephanie was not only extremely competent in dealing with my problem, but so patient and helpful. She has a very pleasant disposition and I am sure that dealing with a 75 year old dinosaur is not the easiest task in the world.Today I was back on the telephone with Stephanie after my computer was completely cleaned up and a new program was installed. Again, she helped me get my Panda back working properly and was her usual pleasant self. I simply had to write you to sing her praises (but I am sure you have heard this before). Don’t let her leave because those of us who are not tech savvy need her kind assistance!!!This is why I deal with Panda, and Stephanie is definitely one of your best.Happy Holidays."


"Hello, I started this thread with little hopes of my issues being resolved in a manner satisfactorily to me. I must admit that the level of customer service that I have received can be surpassed by none. jtorre came to me after he researched my account and knew what had been going on. I explained to him what had happened and later what I thought needed to be done to resolve these issues for both myself and Panda. He understood what I had gone through and deemed my expectations of customer support both fair and coherent. After we had came to this understanding, within the hour the issues had been resolved to both our satisfaction.There is no need to go into all of the behind the scene details, but there is one very important thing I came away from this with and want to convey to everyone else. Panda's customer service (and especially jtorre here on the forums) offered me the absolute best customer service that anyone could expect. I am totally satisfied and jtorre took a customer on the edge of being disappointed with Panda and turned me into a believer again in the great product Panda offers and the exceptional customer service (to me just as important if not more that the product itself) that they deliver. The thing that really made me feel appreciated as a paying customer is never once did I fell that the issues that I was having were trying to be turned around and blamed on me. Panda understood and solved all issues.Thanks again to jtorre for his most excellent help and I will be using PCAV for a long time to come!"

Antonio de Sena

"Gosto muito do produto, custo benefício ótimo, e a primeira vez que precisei de suporte o atendimento foi muito competente"

Luis Flavio

"Parabenizo o suporte técnico da Panda pelo excelente atendimento prestado a nossa empresa na resolução de um problema."

ER design2build

"Proces van ondersteuning was excellent verlopen. Ik had zo'n snelle reactie niet verwacht."

Ingrid Kortekaas

"Wij zijn zeer tevreden vaste panda gebruikers! Hartelijk dank voor de goede service."

Santiago Medel

"I had McAfee for several years. And I tell you, I never felt the kind of personal dedication that Panda employees render its helpless customers like me. I am very grateful to my friend who recommended Panda when I was having difficulty dealing with McAfee. I cancelled my McAfee protection in favor of Panda and I am very happy that I did.
Good luck to you and more success to Panda.
Very truly yours."

Gary Molt

"I am not a big fan of surveys since everyone asks you to participate, but you did a very good job in addressing my issues so far, so, for that, I made an exception. You guys have always been very responsive and knowledgeable. It is a key reason I have stayed loyal too you since 2005. Jacob in this case was very impressive.


David A.

"Thank you. The fix you recommended has worked! I appreciate the excellent customer service offered by Panda."


"Dear Mr. Moore,
Upon following your instructions, I was able to install AP 2013 without incident. Your prompt response with assistance is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work.
Thanks again.
Best regards"


"Omdat het een goede virus beveiliging is en je krijgt goede en de juiste hulp als je problemen heb met je pc."

Ruud Lammerink

"Echt prima geholpen, nogmaals dank.

Jopie Bosch Vanwesenbeeck

"Ik ben zeer goed geholpen door Matthias Raeymaekers, het heeft veel tijd gekost voordat het euvel was verholpen. Er werd echter al het mogelijke gedaan om het probleem te verhelpen. Petje af."