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Error 2109 installing or updating the protection, or updating the Panda Cloud Office Protection agent

Information applies to:

Panda Cloud Office Protection
Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced


Error 2109 installing or updating the protection, or updating the Panda Cloud Office Protection communications agent.


Possible lack of coordination among the files on the server.

Data needed to report the incident

If the issue is not solved, it is necessary to collect a series of data from the computer. This information is collected automatically by the PSInfo tool that you need to download and run following these instructions:

  1. From a computer with Internet connection, download the PSInfo2_V2.exe file into your computer and save it in your Windows Desktop.
  2. Double click the PSInfo2_V2.exe file, so that the information about hardware and software from your computer is gathered.
  3. Fill in all the requested fields.
  4. If PCOP is installed in the computer, the PCOPDIAGS application will be launched.
  5. Follow the PCOPDIAGS wizard.
  6. When the data collection finishes, a file called XXXX.psz is generated in your hard drive. Send to Panda Security this file which is located in the TEMP folder of your hard drive, by default.

In the event that for whatever reason PsInfo cannot be run, or the PCOPDIAGS application has not been released, it is necessary to collect the following files and send them to Panda Security for our technicians to study and resolve the incident:

  1. WalUpg.ini configuration file (WalUpg.ini). This can be found in
  2. WalUpg log file

    1. In %Programfiles%\PandaSecurity\WaAgent\WalUpg, edit the WalUpg.ini file and add the following lines:


    2. Restart the Panda Endpoint Communications Agent service.
    3. Access the %ProgramFiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WasLpMng folder from the DOS prompt.
    4. Run the command waplpmng walupg –force -continue

      A file called WALUPG.log is generated. Send it to us.
  3. Messages sent and received between the server and the process, once the error has taken place.

    They can be found in the folder %Programfiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WalUpg\
    • The outbound messages between the process and the server are named Walupg_Direction_XXXXXXXX.msg.
    • The inbound messages between the server and the process are named Walupg_Direction_XXXXXXXX.msg.

Send the collected data to the Panda Security tech support address.

Help nº- 20130218 502109 EN

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