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Which URLs are necessary for Endpoint Protection to work correctly?

Information applies to:

Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection Plus

In order to install and operate Endpoint Protection and Endpoint Protection Plus correctly, you need to allow access to a number of URLs from at least one of the computers on each subnet the protection is to be installed on.

If you have a firewall, a proxy server or other network restrictions, allow access to the URLs below for Endpoint Protection to work correctly.

Necessary URLs

  • Console
    • https://www.pandacloudsecurity.com/
    • https://managedprotection.pandasecurity.com/
  • Updates and Upgrades
    • http://acs.pandasoftware.com/member/installers/
    • http://acs.pandasoftware.com/member/uninstallers/
    • http://enterprise.updates.pandasoftware.com/pcop/pavsig/
    • http://enterprise.updates.pandasoftware.com/pcop/nano
    • http://enterprise.updates.pandasoftware.com/pcop/sigfiles/sigs
    • http://acs.pandasoftware.com/free/
    • http://acs.pandasoftware.com/sigfiles
    • http://acs.pandasoftware.com/pcop/uacat
    • http://enterprise.updates.pandasoftware.com/pcop/uacat/
    • http://enterprise.updates.pandasoftware.com/updates_ent/
    • https://pcopsupport.pandasecurity.com
    • http://pcoplinux.updates.pandasecurity.com/updates/nanoupdate.phtml (Linux systems)
    • http://pcoplinux.downloads.pandasecurity.com/nano/pavsignano/nano_1/ (Linux systems)
    • http://www.intego.com (OS X systems)
    • http://www.integodownload.com (OS X systems)
    • http://www.netupdate2.intego.com (OS X systems)
    • https://www.netupdate2.intego.com (OS X systems)


  • Megaquarantine
    • http://hercules.pandasoftware.com/getqesi.aspx
    • http://hercules.pandasoftware.com/getqesd.aspx
  • Communication with the server
    • https://mp-agents-inst.pandasecurity.com
    • http://mp-agents-inst.pandasecurity.com/Agents/Service.svc
    • https://mp-agents-inst.pandasecurity.com/AgentsSecure/Service.svc
    • http://mp-agents-sync.pandasecurity.com/Agents/Service.svc
    • https://mp-agents-sync.pandasecurity.com/AgentsSecure/Service.svc
    • http://mp-agents-async.pandasecurity.com/Agents/Service.svc
    • https://agentscomp.pandasecurity.com/AgentsSecure/Service.svc
    • mp-agents-inst.pandasecurity.com (OS X systems)
    • mp-agents-sync.pandasecurity.com (OS X systems)
    • mp-agents-async.pandasecurity.com (OS X systems)
    • https://pac100pacprodpcop.table.core.windows.net
    • https://storage.accesscontrol.pandasecurity.com
    • https://prws.pandasecurity.com
    • https://rpuws.pandasecurity.com/frws (v7.10)
  • Communication with the Collective Intelligence servers
    • http://cache.pandasoftware.com
    • http://cache2.pandasecurity.com
    • http://proinfo.pandasoftware.com (OS X systems)
    • http://proinfo.pandasoftware.com/connectiontest.html

      If connection to the above URL fails, the product will try to reach http://www.iana.org.
    • https://ims.pandasecurity.com/ProySRF
    • http://statistics.pandasoftware.com
  • Panda Cloud Systems Management agent installation from PCOP (v6.70)
    • https://sm.pandasecurity.com/csm/profile/downloadAgent/
  • For incoming and outgoing traffic (Antispam and URL Filtering in PCOPA)
    • http://*.pand.ctmail.com
    • http://download.ctmail.com

For correct communication between the PCOP communications agent, you must enable port TCP 18226 and UDP 21226 on the client's intranet.


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