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Error 1782 installing Panda Cloud Office Protection

Informatie van toepassing op:

Panda Cloud Office Protection
Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced


Error 1782 is displayed when installing Panda Cloud Office Protection.


The Integra.dat file could not be accessed.


Make sure the Integra.dat file exists in folder %ProgramFiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WasAgent


If the Integra.dat file cannot be found on the system, uninstall the communications agent (Panda Endpoint Agent) using the Add or Remove Programs tool.

Once uninstalled, download the installer from the Web administration console and install the agent again.

If the Integra.dat file exists on the system, follow the steps below to report the incident. We’ll analyze it and provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

Data needed to report the incident

If the issue cannot be resolved, it will be necessary to collect certain information from your computer. This data will be automatically collected by the PSINFO tool. Download it and follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the PSInfo2_V2.exe file using a computer with an Internet connection, and save it to the Windows Desktop.
  2. Double-click the PSInfo2_V2.exe file to collect information from your computer.
  3. Fill in the data required.
  4. If PCOP is installed on the computer, the PCOPDIAGS application (PCOP diagnostics) will be launched.
  5. Follow the steps of the PCOPDIAGS wizard.
  6. When the data collection process is finished, a file called XXXX.psz will be generated, which you should send to us.

If, for any reason, you cannot run PSINFO, or the PCOPDIAGS application cannot be launched, you will need to submit the following data to Panda for analysis:

  1. WalSysCf and WalConf log files at detail level (once the error occurs).

    To get them, follow the steps below:

    1. Find the WalSysCf.dat file in %Programfiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WalSysCf
    2. Edit the file by adding the following lines:

    3. Do the same with the WalConf.ini file located in %Programfiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WalConf
    4. Restart the Panda Endpoint Administration Agent service.

      To reproduce the error, try running the local process. Follow these steps:

      1. Access the %ProgramFiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WasLpMng folder from a Command Prompt.
      2. Run the waplpmng walconf –force command

        Two log files will be generated: WalSysCf.log will be stored in %Programfiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WalSysCf, whereas WalConf.log file will be stored in %Programfiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WalConf
  2. WalSyscf.dat configuration file. This file is in %ProgramFiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WalSyscf
  3. All integra.* files, in %Programfiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WASAgent

Once this is complete, collect all necessary data andsend an email to the Panda Security technical support contact address.

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