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Error 2081 installing the protections in Endpoint Protection

Information applies to:

Endpoint Protection
Endpoint Protection Plus


Error 2081 occurs installing the protections in Endpoint Protection.


This error is caused by one of the following causes:

  • The agent does not complete the installation correctly and the .msi file is launched. An error is returned on launching a second .msi file.
  • The installer has been corrupted by the firewall (by GateDefender or a similar protection that can eliminate a file in the .msi installer).
  • Infection of the computer by the Bagle virus.
  • Problems on the PC with other installers, viruses, spyware.


Panda Security has developed 2081Fix.exe tool to solve error code 2081. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and execute the 2081Fix.exe tool.
  2. Follow the actions requested by the tool: check Administrator rights for fixing a given problem or reboot the system, for example.

    Note: Sometimes it's necessary to reboot the system and wait for 2081 error to appear. Then, execute the 2081Fix tool.

Additional checks to carry out to confirm or rule reasons out

Should error 2081 persist, check the following tests to confirm or rule reasons out.

Go to Start -> Programs and make sure there is NO other antivirus installed that can be automatically uninstalled. Check the Which programs are uninstalled automatically by Endpoint Protection? help.

  • Check 1: Error generating another msi installer

    If there has been a problem with the PC, check the walupg.log file, which must have another error number on a previous line, apart from error 2081.

    This error number is returned by default on installing a Microsoft .msi package.

    Further information on these error codes is available on the following Microsoft links:



    These problems can be due to previous .msi package installation failures.

    Additionally, check the latest drivers are installed in the network devices (My computer - Manage - Device Manager - Network adapters) and that no network device is disabled and/or with recognition problems (yellow triangle with exclamation). If so, install it correctly.
  • Check 2: Corrupted installer

    Check if there is a firewall on the network, and make sure it has not blocked the total or partial download of the protection .msi installer.

    The installer has a name similar to “XXXXX_Panda Endpoint Protection x86.msi

    By default, once the installer is downloaded, it is left on the following path:

    %ProgramFiles%\Panda Security\WAC\WARepository\Installer

    NOTE: To make sure the file downloaded is not corrupt, try the installer on another network PC. It doesn’t matter if Endpoint Protection is already installed. If it is, a message will be displayed indicating the protection is already installed.
  • Check 3:Bagle infection

    Use Windows Explorer to go to the %ProgramFiles%\Panda Security\WAC folder and create a TXT called PAVSRV51.EXE.

    Once created, the PAVSRV51.EXE will soon disappear.

    The files created by the Bagle virus include:
    • srosa.sys in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers
    • wintems.exe in C:\Windows\System32
    • hidr.exe in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers

      The variants are downloaded to the C:\Windows\System32\Downl folder. This folder will contain numerous EXE files.
  • Check 4: Problems with other installers or viruses

    Make sure no product installation has been launched.

    Carry out a full scan of your PC to check there are no viruses. You can use ActiveScan 2.0 to do so.

Additional solutions

Apply the solution that corresponds to your case:

  • Solution 1: Error generating another msi

    Contact Microsoft in order to troubleshoot problems with the msi installers.
  • Solution 2: Corrupted installer

    Solve the problem with your firewall and carry out the installation again.

    NOTE: You can also copy the installer onto another computer in which it has been correctly installed. To do so, go to %ProgramFiles%\Panda Security\WAC\WARepository\Installer
  • Solution 3: Bagle infection

    Disinfect the computer. You can use ActiveScan 2.0 to do so.
  • Solution 4: Problems with other installers or viruses

    If another product installation has been launched, cancel it.

    In the case of infection, disinfect the computer. You can use ActiveScan 2.0 to do so.

Data needed to report the incident

If the issue is not solved, it is then necessary to collect a series of data from the computer. Please, read How to report problems from the Endpoint Protection console and follow the instructions indicated.

Help nº- 20140506 502081 EN

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