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What is Systems Management?

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Systems Management

Systems Management is a hosted service for Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) of multiple devices over a variety of networks – including the public internet.

The basic principle is as follows:

  1. An agent is installed on every device including the administrator's.
  2. The agent connects back to the hosted server and submits audit and performance information about the device.
  3. An administrator can log on to the hosted server via a web interface and manage the devices by creating policies, setting alert thresholds, running remote scripts, and deploying software.
  4. By installing an agent on their own device an administrator can also connect and control a remote device is required.
  5. All activity is logged and can be reported on.

Systems Management components

  • Systems Management Server

    The PCSM Server consists of a MySQL database containing the tasks, components, jobs, profiles and device and user information, and an Apache Tomcat web service for communication with the PCSM Agent and PCSM Server Manager using standard web service protocols.
  • Systems Management Agent

    A PCSM Agent is installed onto the devices to be managed. The agent then creates a secure connection to the server, submitting regular audit information and running any jobs that have been scheduled for it. The agent can be configured and updated remotely by scheduling the relevant tasks and components via the PCSM Server Manager.
  • Systems Management Administration console

    The Systems Management Administration console (PCSM Administration console) is a web-based console and is used to control all activity within the PCSM framework.

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