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Panda Antivirus for Mac

Antivirus Software Panda Antivirus for Mac

Enjoy total security for Mac

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Key Benefits

  • It blocks Mac OS X malware as well as Windows malware.
  • It scans files and emails.
  • It quarantines infected files.
  • It offers two kinds of scans: a real-time scan that continuously analyzes Mac files, and another that performs monthly, on-demand scans.
  • You can even scan iPhones, iPads and iPod touch for malware.

Compatible with:

  • MAC

Protection Plans

  • Features
  • Technical Requirements
  • Real-time protection

    Panda Antivirus for Mac protects your computer in real time against infections. Whenever an infection is detected and blocked. Malware is automatically sent to quarantine.

  • Smart, automatic updates

    Panda Antivirus for Mac updates the virus signature file via the Internet to protect your Mac from the latest threats.

  • Quarantine

    Every time Panda Antivirus for Mac detects an infection, the file is sent to quarantine. So files are easily recovered and restored in the event of false positives.

  • Minimum resource consumption

    Threats are neutralized without impacting the system. Panda Antivirus for Mac works silently in the background, minimizing resource consumption.

  • Powerful scanning capacity

    Panda Antivirus for Mac scans for malware in other Mac products, such as iPad, iPhone and iPod touch when they are connected to the Mac.

Operating System

  • Mac® OS X 10.6 or later


  • Mac® computer with Intel® Core 2 Duo processor
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB free space
  • Internet connection

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Download FREE Trial

Try Panda Antivirus for Mac for 30 days, with no
obligations. No Credit Card required.

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