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How can I port forward (DNAT - Basic mode) an internal server in Panda GateDefender eSeries?

Information applies to:

Panda GateDefender Integra eSeries
Panda GateDefender Performa eSeries

This article describes the necessary steps to configure a simple Destination NAT (or Port forwarding) on Panda GateDefender eSeries appliance.

The primary purpose of DNAT (or Port forwarding) is to take an internal application (IP and port) and expose that to the Internet to make it more widely accessible. This is commonly used for public access to web, mail, ftp, and other types of services.

Simple configuration example

In this example, a DNAT (Port forwarding) for an HTTPS web server in the Orange (DMZ) network will be configured. We will use one of our statically assigned public IP addresses as our external entry point for this exposed service.

Network diagram: DNAT Basic

  1. Create a new DNAT rule by configuring all the necessary fields to make it match the example network.

    Basic DNAT settings
  2. Click Create Rule button.
  3. Once the rule is created, apply the rule to the device by clicking the Apply button.

    Apply basic DNAT rule
  4. Now that the rule has been successfully applied, you can test it by accessing the IP on port 443 from the Internet.

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