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Outgoing emails are not sent through the PCEP platform

Information applies to:

Panda Cloud Email Protection

Below are the instructions to identify the incident and the steps to follow to solve the referred problem:


The outgoing emails are not going through the PCEP platform. You (as administrator) and your clients cannot send emails.


  1. Outgoing traffic must be configured in your PCEP platform.
  2. The clients' email programs or the smarthost must be configured to point the email traffic to the PCEP platform.

These are the steps that must be completed:

  • Configure the outgoing traffic in the PCEP platform
  1. Enter https://mep.pandasecurity.com/ with the administrator account.
  2. Click the Filtering tab and select Outbound email filtering by domain.
  3. Check the Outbound filtering option.

    In this way, outbound traffic will be allowed to be processed by the PCEP platform.
  • Configure your smarthost or the clients email applications to point to the PCEP platform

    There are two options to have the emails going through the PCEP platform:
  1. The clients modify their email programs (Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.)
    In the email program, the clients must set the smtp.mep.pandasecurity.com in the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER (SMTP) option.
    This option is easy, but it forces the change in all the clients.
  2. When a Mail server (Exchange or a MTA - SandMail, QMail, Postfix server) is available, point the smarthost to the PCEP platform.
  • The smarthost must point smtp.mep.pandasecurity.com.
  • Activate the SMTP Auth option and use the admin/psswd of the domain's administrator.


Help nº- 20110509 600013 EN

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