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Solution for license expired messages and signature file dated 2020 in Panda AdminSecure

Information applies to:

Panda for Desktops
Panda for File Servers (Windows)
Panda for Exchange


  • The AdminSecure administration console may display a pop-up warning indicating that your product licenses have expired.
  • Some workstations and repositories have erroneously taken February 2, 2020 (02-02-2020) as the date of the virus signature file.


Despite the date of the file is incorrect, the virus signature file is perfectly correct and your computers are properly protected.


To correct this issue, follow these steps:

  1. In the AdminSecure console, go to Tools, Updates and repositories.

  2. Next, in the Updates tab, select Download now.

From then on, once the signature file has been downloaded, a series of actions will be carried out to resolve the issue:

  • A new version of the agent will be included in the Repository.
  • Within approximately one hour, the system will generate the appropriate patches and remove any signature files dated 2020 from the repository.
  • For about 24 hours, the workstations will show February 2, 2020 or February 8, 2020 as the date of the signature file.

After 24 hours, the computers will show the current date of the signature file and the incident will be resolved.

Solution for Exchange Servers protected with Panda for Exchange

In order to solve the issue of the virus signature file date in the Exchange servers protected with Panda for Exchange, once all signature files dated 2020 have been automatically removed from of all repositories, you must download and run the following file in the Exchange servers:

Help nº- 20130215 40078 EN

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