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Beta Zone

Panda Global Protection 2015

Beta Version 2 14.9.1


Panda Global Protection 2015 Beta

Advantages to taking part in the Antivirus Beta Testing Program
  • Helping Panda Security improve the quality of the products you try.
  • Being among the first to access the latest versions of the Panda Security solutions and sharing your experiences with us.
  • Offering suggestions to help improve our products.
  • Free technical support via e-mail during the duration of the beta period.

During the beta period, you can send your suggestions or report incidents to or support forum.

How the Beta program works
  1. Choose the beta program that you are interested in from the list above.
  2. Register and download the program.
  3. Read the information about known errors and recommended tests.
  4. Report any error detected or suggestion to or support forum.