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Since I have installed Panda 2014, I can’t access the Internet

Information applies to:

Panda Internet Security 2014
Panda Antivirus Pro 2014
Panda Global Protection 2014

The firewall protection monitors all the computer’s inbound and outbound connections. This protection could require a specific configuration, especially in the case of WiFi connections and when accessing network programs or shared printers.

Follow the steps indicated below to configure the firewall protection of your Panda 2014 product and prevent this type of incidents.

First off, open your Panda 2014 and click the Firewall box from the main window.

Problems when certain programs access the network

  1. Click Settings… in the section reserved to specify which programs access the Internet (or network).

    Panda firewall rules
  2. Click Restore to restore the default settings.

    NOTE: From now on, the firewall will require connection permissions when it detects a program that isn’t on the default list, accessing the network.
  3. If you want to add a new program to the list manually, click Add program and locate the application’s executable file.

Problems accessing network computers and shared printers

  1. Click Settings... in the Networks section.

    Panda network rules
  2. In Network adaptors, make sure the adaptor used to access your private network is configured as Secure zone.

Problems accessing the network in Wi-Fi connections

  1. Click Settings... in the Wi-Fi section.

    Panda wifi settings
  2. Click Delete all in the List of denied computers section.

    Denied computers

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