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How to create a Panda SafeDisk rescue disk


The computer has been infected by a virus and it is not possible to restart it.


Panda Security offers the possibility to create a rescue disk with Panda SafeDisk, allowing you to scan and disinfect your computer. Please take into account the following:

  • You need a computer that can boot up normally.
  • We advise you to print the instructions before you proceed.

Step 1 - Create Panda SafeDisk

  1. Download and save PandaSafeCD.iso tool from a computer that can boot up.

    Download Panda SafeCD
  2. Create Panda SafeDisk using either a CD-ROM or a USB drive.

    • CD-ROM

      1. Install a CD burning program such as ImgBurn, Ashampoo Burning Studio, Nero or similar.
      2. Open your CD copying program.
      3. Burn the PandaSafeCD.iso image.
    • USB

      1. Download the UNetbootin tool.
      2. Save the file to your hard disk.
      3. Insert an empty USB stick into a USB port.
      4. Double-click unetbooting-windows-xxx, where xxx match the UNetbootin version number.
      5. Select the option Disk image, click the ... button, select the PandaSafeCD.iso file, and click OK.
      6. Wait until the process is completed

Step 2 - Scan the infected computer with Panda SafeDisk

  1. Go to the infected computer.
  2. Insert the CD-ROM or USB and restart the computer for the scan to begin.
    If your computer does not reboot from the CD-ROM drive or the USB, change the booting sequence. Please refer to article How to change the computer boot sequence.
  3. Follow Panda SafeDisk wizard through until the scan is completed.

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