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Error 3356 updating the Panda Cloud Office Protection files

Information applies to:

Panda Cloud Office Protection
Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced


Error 3356 occurs updating the Panda Cloud Office Protection files, during the protection installation process.


Possible lack of coordination among the files on the server.  


Once the error message is displayed on the screen, follow the steps below:

  1. Edit the file Walupd.ini in %ProgramFiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WalUpd
  2. Delete section  WEB_CATALOG. See an example below:

    DATE=2010-11-25 15:19:43
  3. Click the option Retry that is displayed in the error window.


Data needed to report the incident

If the issue is not solved, it is necessary to collect a series of data from the computer. This information is collected automatically by the PSInfo tool that you need to download and run following these instructions:

  1. From a computer with Internet connection, download the PSInfo2_V2.exe file into your computer and save it in your Windows Desktop. 
  2. Double click the PSInfo2_V2.exe file, so that the information about hardware and software from your computer is gathered.
  3. Fill in all the requested fields.
  4. If PCOP is installed in the computer, the PCOPDIAGS application will be launched.
  5. Follow the PCOPDIAGS wizard.
  6. When the data collection finishes, a file called XXXX.psz is generated in your hard drive. Send to Panda Security this file which is located in the TEMP folder of your hard drive, by default.

In the event that for whatever reason PSInfo cannot be run, or the PCOPDIAGS application has not been released it is necessary to collect and send Panda the following data for analysis:

  1. Full content in WALUPD\Data\Catalog
  2. WalUpg.ini configuration file. This file is in %ProgramFiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WalUpd
  3. WalUpd log file and all messages sent and received between the server and the process, once the error has taken place. To get this data:

    1. Enter the lines below in %Programfiles%\PandaSecurity\WaAgent\WalUpg\WalUpd.ini:

    2. Restart the Panda Endpoint Administratino Agent service.
    3. Try running the local process again. To do this:

      1. Access the following folder from a MS-DOS window: %ProgramFiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WasLpMng
      2. Run the command waplpmng walupd –force

        The log file generated is WALUPD.log
  4. The outbound messages between the server and the process are named Walupd_Address_XXXXXXXX.msg.
  5. The inbound messages between the server and the process are named Walupd_Address_XXXXXXXX.msg.

This data is stored in the folder %Programfiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WalUpd\


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