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How do I erase the information of my lost or stolen device with Panda Mobile Security?

Information applies to:

Panda Mobile Security


This action will restore your device to its factory state.

The information and applications contained on the device and SD card will be removed.

Bear in mind that, after this action, you will not be able to recover your data.

If you are sure that you want to remotely wipe the information of your device, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in your Panda Account:
  2. Scroll to the Panda Anti-Theft section and click Access Panda Anti-Theft.

  3. Select the device whose information you want to delete and click the Wipe button.
    The information of the device and the SD card will be deleted.

    Wipe Anti-Theft
  4. A warning message will be displayed:

    Confirm wipe Panda Mobile Security
  5. Once you click Wipe, the information of the device and the SD card will be deleted.

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