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How to create a rescue USB drive with Panda 2014

The Panda 2014 products offer you the possibility to create a Rescue USB drive to scan computers which, due to virus infections, will not start. What's more, the disinfection tool included in the Rescue USB drive is Panda Cloud Cleaner. Follow the instructions below to create and scan your computer with a Rescue USB drive.

Step 1: Create the Rescue USB drive

  1. Open your Panda 2014 and click the Scan box from the main window.

    Scan Panda 2014

  2. Select Create a rescue USB drive and follow the wizard through.

    Create Rescue USB drive
  3. Insert the USB drive in the computer and click Start.

    Create Rescue USB drive 1
  4. Select the unit the USB drive is connected to and click Install.

    USB drive 2
  5. The creation progress will be displayed.

    USB drive 3
  6. Once finished, a window will be shown advising the USB has been correctly created. Click Close.

    USB drive 4

Now you can start any computer from the USB drive and scan for viruses.

Step 2: Scan your computer via Rescue USB with Panda Cloud Cleaner

  1. Restart the infected computer with the Rescue USB drive inserted in the port unit.

    NOTE: Most computers will automatically boot up from the USB unit. Otherwise, you will need to change the boot sequence in the BIOS of your PC.
    For further information, please refer to the Generic HowTo Article that explains how to do so.
  2. Once you restart, the Panda Cloud Cleaner wizard will be displayed. Press Enter to accept the license agreement.

    License agreement Rescue USB
  3. The wizard will prepare the computer so that, next time the computer is restarted, Panda Cloud Cleaner will scan and disinfect all the viruses.
  4. Remove the USB drive when the wizard displays the message Please, remove USB.
  5. Once you have done so, a message saying Analysis can now start! will be displayed.
    Press any key for the computer to restart.

    Panda Cloud Cleaner scan
  6. Once restarted, the Panda Cloud Cleaner menu will be displayed. Click Accept and Scan for the virus scan to begin.

Additional information

Panda 2014 also include the possibility to scan your computer with Panda Cloud Cleaner everytime you boot your PC. For further details, please refer to the Support article How to install the PC Boot Rescue of Panda 2014 on my computer.


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