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Threat LevelHigh threatDamageSevereDistributionNot widespread
Common name:Netsky.B
Technical name:W32/Netsky.B.worm
Threat level:Medium
Alias:W32/Netsky.b@MM, W32/Netsky-B, W32.Netsky.B@mm, Win32.Netsky.B, Worm/Netsky.B, WORM_NETSKY.B, Moodown.B, I-worm.Moodown.B
Effects:  It deletes the entries belonging to several worms, including Mydoom.A, Mydoom.B and Mimail.T.

Affected platforms:

Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95

First detected on:Feb. 18, 2004
Detection updated on:March 6, 2006
Proactive protection:
Yes, using TruPrevent Technologies

Brief Description 


Netsky.B is a worm that deletes the entries that belong to several worms, including Mydoom.A, Mydoom.B and Mimail.T.

Netsky.B spreads via e-mail, through peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing programs and across networks.

Visible Symptoms 


Netsky.B is easy to recognize, as it displays the following error message on screen when it is run: