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Virus Encyclopedia

Welcome to the Virus Encyclopedia of Panda Security.


Threat LevelModerate threatDamageHighDistributionNot widespread
Common name:Fortnight.D
Technical name:JS/Fortnight.D@M
Threat level:Low
Effects:  It modifies the autosignature in Outlook. It tries to connect to web pages with erotic content.
Affected platforms:

Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95

First detected on:June 2, 2003
Detection updated on:Nov. 23, 2007
Repair utility:Panda QuickRemover

Brief Description 


Fortnight.D is a Trojan/worm that spreads extremely quickly by e-mail. To do this, it hides in the autosignature of outbound e-mail messages.

It is very easy to become infected by Fortnight.D as it can reach other computers through many different means: e-mail messages with infected attachments, computer networks, CD-ROMs, Internet downloads, FTP, floppy disks, etc.

Visible Symptoms 


The only sign indicating that Fortnight.D has infected a computer is the fact that some links to erotic websites are added to the browser's Favorites menu.