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Threat LevelModerate threatDamageHighDistributionNot widespread
Common name:QAZ
Technical name:Trj/QAZ
Threat level:Low
Effects:  It opens many ports and sends out the IP address of the affected computer via e-mail.

Detection updated on:Feb. 1, 2002
Repair utility:Panda QuickRemover
Country of origin:CHINA

Brief Description 


QAZ is a dangerous trojan that opens many communication ports and sends out the IP address of the computer via e-mail.

By doing this, the computer becomes vulnerable to hacker attacks.

The file that carries out the infection (NOTEPAD.EXE) can reach computers through any of the usual means used by viruses: Internet downloads, e-mail messages with infected attachments, FTP, etc. However, QAZ can also spread through mapped or unmapped network drives.

Visible Symptoms 


QAZ is difficult to identify, as it does not display any messages or warnings indicating that it has infected a computer.