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Threat LevelModerate threatDamageHighDistributionNot widespread
Common name:Kakworm
Technical name:JS/Kak.Worm
Threat level:Low
Alias:WScript.KakWorm.A, Kagou-Anti-Frosoft, Wsript.Kak.A, JS/Kak-m

It displays a message on screen and restarts the computer.

Affected platforms:


Detection updated on:June 3, 2003
Repair utility:Panda QuickRemover
Country of origin:FRANCE

Brief Description 


Kakworm is a worm that restarts the affected computer, thus resulting in the loss of all unsaved information.

Kakworm spreads via e-mail, hidden in the AutoSignature of messages sent from the affected computer. It is very easy to become affected by this worm, as it is automatically activated when the message is viewed through the Outlook Preview Pane.

Visible Symptoms 


Kakworm is difficult to recognize before it affects the computer, as the e-mail message that carries it has variable characteristics.

However, if the following window is displayed on the first day of the month, it is clear that Kakworm has affected the computer:

After displaying this message, Kakworm will automatically restart the computer when the user clicks on OK.