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Threat LevelModerate threatDamageHighDistributionNot widespread
Common name:ShellScrap.Worm
Technical name:VBS/ShellScrap.Worm
Threat level:Low
Alias:LifeStages,, VBS/Life_Stages, VBS.Stages.Worm, VBS/Stages.A-mm

It deletes the Windows Registry editor.

Affected platforms:

Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95

First detected on:May 18, 2006
Detection updated on:June 16, 2009
Repair utility:Panda QuickRemover

Brief Description 


ShellScrap.Worm is a worm that uses several means of transmission, so it is very esay to get affected by it:

  • E-mail message with an attached file called LIFE_STAGES.TXT.SHS.
  • Automatically sending the file LIFE_STAGES.TXT.SHS via chat channels.
  • Affected files that can be accessed from a computer network.

ShellScrap.Worm is considered dangerous because when the user runs the affected file, the worm modifies the Windows Registry and even deletes the editor REGEDIT.EXE.

Visible Symptoms 


ShellScrap.Worm is easy to recognize when it spreads via e-mail, as it reaches the computer in a message with the following characteristics:

  • Subject: one of the following:
    Fw: Life Stages text.
    Fw: Funny text.
    Fw: Jokes text.
    Life Stages text.
    Funny text.
    Jokes text.
    Fw: Life Stages
    Fw: Funny
    Fw: Jokes
    Life Stages
    Funny Jokes.
  • Message:
    The male and female stages of life
  • Attachments: