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Threat LevelLow threatDamageHighDistributionNot widespread
Common name:Shark
Technical name:Constructor/Shark
Threat level:Medium
Type:Security Risk
Subtype: Virus Constructor

It is a malicious tool that allows to create new Trojans without having any programming skills. The Trojans created, which can be configured with several options, steal users' information, such passwords and allow different utilities to be run, such as download and run files in the affected computer.

Affected platforms:

Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/ME/98/95

First detected on:Aug. 6, 2007
Detection updated on:Aug. 8, 2007
Proactive protection:
Yes, using TruPrevent Technologies

Brief Description 


Shark is a virus constructor type malware. To be more precise, Shark allows to create Trojans which, among other actions, steal all type of information, such as passwords. It is not necessary to have any programming skills to use this malicious tool.

Shark allows to configure the following settings for the Trojans to be created, among others:

  • Install ActiveX controls.
  • Configure specific actions for processes and services, such as ending them.
  • Run the Trojan whenever Windows is started.
  • Display error or warning messages to be displayed when the Trojan is run.
  • Configure the attributes of the created file and the type of server.

Additionally, it allows the Trojans to obtain information, such as passwords, name and version of the installed programs and run certain utilities in the affected computer, such as the Windows Registry Editor, download and run files or capture screenshots.

Once a Trojan created by Shark is run in the affected computer, it is automatically connected to the application, to which it sends data from the affected computer, such as operating system, processor, RAM memory, geographical area, IP address, etc.

Visible Symptoms 


Shark is difficult to recognize, as it does not display any messages or warnings that indicate it has reached the computer.