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Threat LevelLow threatDamageHighDistributionNot widespread
Common name:Eeki.A
Technical name:iPhone/Eeki.A
Threat level:Medium

It only affects iPhone or iPod Touch devices (any of the three versions) that are jailbroken. It modifies the wallpaper of the device replacing it with an image of the singer Rick Astley.

Affected platforms:

First detected on:Nov. 12, 2009
Detection updated on:Nov. 13, 2009

Brief Description 


Eeki.A is a worm which only affects iPhone or iPod Touch devices (any of the three versions) which are jailbroken, that is, that allow to run unauthorized code by Apple.

When it finds a vulnerable device, Eeki.A modifies the wallpaper of the device, replacing it with an image of the singer Rick Astley.

Eeki.A first tries to spread on the subnet the device is connected to, then tries to create a random IP range and finally it tries pre-established ranges corresponding to certain companies' IP addresses.


We have created a video on how Eeki.A works. Click here in order to view it.

Visible Symptoms 


Eeki.A is easy to recognize once it has infected an iPhone or iPod Touch device, as it modifies the wallpaper of the singer Rick Astley. This modification takes place when the device is restarted.

The image it establishes is the following: