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Threat LevelModerate threatDamageHighDistributionNot widespread


Wazzu has the following effects:

  • It infects Word documents (version 6.0 and later), or the global template that this application uses.
  • In 20% of cases, the virus changes the position of a maximum of three words in documents it infects. Furthermore, with a 25% probability, Wazzu inserts the wazzu term in infected documents.

Infection strategy 

Wazzu consists of a single macro, AutoOpen, which runs automatically on opening a document. In order to carry out infections, Wazzu follows the routine below:

  • It activates when the user opens an infected document.
  • It infects the NORMAL.DOT template by copying the AutoOpen macro code to it.
  • From that moment on, every document that is opened will be automatically infected.

Means of transmission 

Wazzu spreads through infected Word documents, which automatically infect theWord 6.0 (and later) global template.

Through this process, Wazzu infects the Word documents that use this template or that are generated with it.

The original infected document can reach computers through the following means: e-mail messages carrying infected documents, computer networks, CD-ROMs, Internet downloads, FTP, floppy disks, etc.

Further Details  

Wazzu is very widely spread due to the fact that Microsoft accidentally distributed it in their SPCD (Solution Provider CD) in 1996. This CD-ROM contained an infected document. This file was also available on the Microsoft web page for some time.