The Virus Research Laboratories network

In the mid-90s, Panda Security launched a new concept in antivirus solutions on the market: Global Virus Insurance 24h-365d.

For the first time it was acknowledged that, in order to be effective, an antivirus solution needed to consist of not just software, but also a complete set of services.

Today, this commitment continues, and Panda Security's network of Virus Research Laboratories is proof of this.


What is PandaLabs?

PandaLabs is an international network of research and technical support centers devoted to protecting users against viruses. Present in over 50 countries, it offers services around the clock, 365 days a year.

PandaLabs has more than 200 engineers, highly specialized in viruses and antiviruses, which guarantees a rapid response to any virus infection alert.

What is PandaLabs' objective?

Its primary objective is to provide tools and support for detecting and disinfecting new viruses.

PandaLabs is the center of Panda Security's technical support services and always remains on the alert for threats. As a result of its research, it develops solutions that adapt to the ever-changing antivirus security needs.


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