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Improvements implemented in HotFix Pack of Panda GateDefender Integra

Ces informations s’appliquent à:

GateDefender Integra

Panda has published, in the Downloads area of its website, a HotFix Pack that includes all the improvements implemented in the latest hotfixes for the Panda GateDefender Integra.

Improvements implemented in the HotFix Pack

Read all about the improvements implemented in hotfix-remote_1.10.02.0200.

Steps to download and install the HotFixPack

Before installing the HotFix Pack, make sure you have version of Panda GateDefender Integra installed. To check this, access the administration console and go to Status, System Status and click View version details. The version number appears in System Software, System software version.

  1. Access the Download area of the Panda website.
  2. Enter your user credentials, provided to you by Panda when you bought your security solution. Find out, if necessary, how to get your User name and password.
  3. Once you have entered your user details, expand the Software folder.  Under the HotFix Packs subfolder, you will find the following file:

    • hotfix-remote_1.10.02.0200
  4. Download and unzip the file to a computer in the network.
  5. As Panda GateDefender Integra models do not have a CD/DVD drive, you will need a computer to which to download and save the hotfix in CD/DVD format ( in this case, CD format). To apply the hotfix, insert the previously created CD/DVD on a computer that will connect to the appliance.
  6. Create a CD/DVD from the downloaded ISO image with your recording application.
  7. Insert the CD/DVD that you have created in the computer from which you will launch the HotFix Pack installation. Make sure the computer is in the same network segment as the appliance and the boot from the CD/DVD drive is enabled on that computer.
  8. Make sure that the appliance eth2/res port is connected to the restore computer, or connected to the same network segment. 

    IMPORTANT: Before installing the HotFix Pack, bear in mind that applying it will restart the system.
  9. Start up the restore computer and wait for the appliance’s LiveDVD software to load. After the computer has started up, it will wait for a connection to be established with the appliance, showing the following message: Waiting for client connection...
  10. Then, switch on the Panda GateDefender Integra unit.
  11. When the computer detects the connection to the appliance, the Install hotfix button will light up. 
  12. Press Install hotfix.
  13. The server shows the status of the process. When the process ends.
  14.  Click OK to restart the unit.

Finally, check that the GateDefender Integra version is

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