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Error 1303 installing Panda Cloud Office Protection

Information applies to:

Panda Cloud Office Protection
Panda Cloud Office Protection Advanced

Below are the instructions to identify and solve the incident.


Error 1303 ocurrs when installing Panda Cloud Office Protection.


This error appears when trying to install PCOP with an outdated installer. If this is the case, if the installer belongs to a version that is no longer available in Panda servers, the server rejects the integration and error 1303 is displayed.


Go to the Administration Web Console, download a new installer and reinstall. If the problem persists, please report the incident with the following data.

Data needed to report the incident

In case the issue persists, collect the following files and send them to Panda Security for our technicians to study and resolve the incident:

  1. WalTest log file.
  2. All messages sent and received between the server and the process, once the error has taken place.
  3. Integra.dat file

To get this data, follow the steps below:

  1. WalTest log file:
    1. In %Programfiles%\PandaSecurity\WaAgent\WalTest, edit the WalTest.ini file and add the following lines:

    2. Restart the Panda Endpoint Administration Agent service.
    3. Try installing again with the downloader installer
    4. WalTest.log is generated in %Programfiles%\PandaSecurity\WaAgent\WalTest.
  2. Messages sent and received.

    They can be found in the folder %Programfiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WalTest\

    The outbound messages between the process and the server are named WalTest_Direction_XXXXXXXX.msg

    The inbound messages between the server and the process are named WalTest_Direction_XXXXXXXX.msg
  3. Integra.dat file

    This file is in %ProgramFiles%\Panda Security\WaAgent\WasAgent folder.

Send the collected data to the Panda Security tech support address.

Help nº- 20130204 501303 EN

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